Lasertel Launches New T6Air™ Lightweight Array for Medical Laser Systems


T6Air-WC.jpgTucson, AZ — Lasertel, a Leonardo company and leading U.S. supplier of custom laser diodes, is proud to announce the release of the T6Air™. This lightweight fluid cooled laser diode array is designed with Lasertel micro optics technology, replacing bulky waveguides to offer a compact, lighter solution for handheld medical devices.

The T6Air™ has all of the same features as Lasertel’s standard T6 fluid cooled laser diode array but is less than 1/2 the weight, has a clean beam shape and has increased flexibility and reliability.

Customer feedback has shown that hand pieces with various heavy components inside can create fatigue for practitioners treating a patient. Lasertel addressed this issue by using lighter materials without sacrificing performance. A solid piece of glass used for light guiding, originally 3-4 inches long, was replaced with micro optics less than a millimeter wide weighing almost nothing.

The T6Air™addresses reliability issues too. For example during laser hair removal, a patient’s skin can reflect back significant light into the array itself, depending on skin color. The new array is designed to eliminate significant coupling of the reflected light into the laser array by using a micro optic array, rather than guiding it back into the laser array when using a waveguide.

“The T6Air™ fluid cooled laser diode array with optical elements is Lasertel’s latest innovation for the medical industry, weighing less than half of the standard T6. This product is a drop in replacement for the standard T6 and when combined with Lasertel advanced optics, the weight savings is substantial when compared to current solutions,” said Prabhu Thiagarajan, Lasertel’s vice president of engineering. Questions? Contact our engineers at

To learn more about the new T6Air™ and medical laser system improvement, download Lasertel’s white paper, “Lightweighting Medical Systems through Improved Laser Diode Design.”

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Lasertel (, a Leonardo company, is a leading U.S. supplier of custom laser diodes. Their expert team works with system integrators from design through high volume production to meet performance, design, environmental and cost demands. Lasertel develops complex custom solutions for a broad range of laser applications, including defense, automotive lidar, medical, industrial and R&D.

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