Lasertel’s fluid cooled laser diode arrays utilize a patented monolithic design that requires only filtered water (not deionized). This eliminates the most common failure mechanisms associated with microchannel cooled laser diodes. Requiring no o-rings or rubber gaskets, our laser diode arrays perform reliably in harsh environments.

Key Features

  • 760nm to 1700nm
  • Filtered water, not deionized
  • Non-water alternative cooling fluids
  • Scalable building block format
  • Small bar-to-bar pitch for increased brightness
  • Hard soldered construction
  • Advanced beam conditioning
  • Low pressure and water flow requirements
  • Multi-wavelength in a single array

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Customizable Packages

Lasertel laser diodes are manufactured in our US-based ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016 and AS 9100C certified facility.



CW Power to 2500W or QCW Power to 25kW

Scalable Fluid Cooled Laser Diode Arrays

Scalable Modules

Array Output Power to 1 MegaWatt

T6 building block with integrated cooling and electrical manifold and housing.