Device Technology

  • High Efficiency: Lasertel leads the industry in the production of high efficiency laser diodes intended for use at elevated temperatures.
  • Temperature Insensitivity: Lasertel manufactures a range of grating stabilized devices that can operate across wide temperature ranges without impacting the emission wavelength.
  • Multi-Color: Lasertel can provide all of its array products in multi-color configurations to enable optical pumping across temperature bands. The wavelength spread and configuration can be selected to match the application.

Processing Technology

  • Molecular Beam EpitaxyLasertel is a world leader in the use of Molecular Beam Epitaxy (MBE) for the growth of laser structures. The use of MBE enables Lasertel to precisely control the semiconductor laser properties and ensure that the desired operating wavelength is obtained with a high degree of accuracy.
  • Low Stress Wafer Process: By controlling the stress to which wafers are exposed, Lasertel can ensure that low “smile” bar assemblies are obtained and that stress does not adversely contribute to device reliability.
  • Advanced Technology for Laser Facet Protection: Lasertel’s Epitaxial Mirror On Facet (EMOF) technology enables the elimination of catastrophic optical mirror damage as a failure mechanism.

Assembly Technology

  • Hard Soldered Expansion Matched Materials: Lasertel uses high temperature solders that prevent joint fatigue failures and avoid whisker growth. In combination with the use of novel expansion matched materials, this enables the manufacture of assemblies that are extremely robust across wide operating temperature ranges.
  • Micro-Optics: Lasertel can provide fiber-coupled and lensed array solutions incorporating precision micro optics to provide collimation in both the fast and slow axes.
  • Novel Heatsink Designs: Lasertel manufactures water cooled CW arrays that incorporate novel heatsink designs to eliminate the problems associated with micro-channel coolers. The Lasertel approach requires only minimally filtered non-DI water and incorporates the hard solder technology found in all Lasertel assemblies.
  • Custom Assemblies: Lasertel manufactures custom sub-assemblies, assemblies and full turn-key systems. These products typically incorporate custom water or air cooled heatsinks, mechanical enclosures and custom electronic hardware and software.


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