Welcoming Members to the Lasertel Team: Expertise in Automotive Lidar & Defense Laser Systems

As we continue to expand our capabilities, we welcome new members to our team in both the automotive lidar and defense divisions. 

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Meet the Team: Monica McDade, Engineering Assembly Manager

Monica McDade is a key player on the Engineering team, working within multiple industries to help fulfill customer needs. With an optical engineering background, Monica truly values the creativity at Lasertel which lends itself to the customization of projects.

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Meet the Team: John Goings, Account Manager for Defense Market

John Goings has worked with Lasertel for the last seven years in a number of different industries, most recently focusing on defense. John’s knowledge of both the defense industry and of direct diode sources helps him find best-fit solutions for customers’ applications.

We asked him how he sees the defense industry advancing and what customers should consider before purchasing laser diodes.

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Meet the Team: Craig Henry, Account Manager for the Medical Market

Craig Henry joined Lasertel to work with medical companies seeking a performance advantage through high power laser diodes. Lasertel offered Craig the opportunity to bring his 23 years of experience in lasers into his daily work with customers. Outside of work, his interests are motorcycling, hiking and target shooting. 

We sat down with Craig to learn more about his background and the challenges and trends in today’s market.

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Meet the Team: Brian Caliva, Product Design & Development Manager

We recently sat down with Brian Caliva, Product Design & Development Manager, whose role embodies much of Lasertel's core goal: meet exceptional quality requirements while getting products out the door that are specific to our customers' unique needs. Talented team members like Brian, working efficiently between engineering and production teams to meet desired customer specifications, help Lasertel accomplish this goal.

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Meet the Team: Prabhu Thiagarajan, VP Engineering, On Overcoming Technical Barriers in Lidar

Dr. Prabhu Thiagarajan, Lasertel’s VP of Engineering, is working with some of the leading automotive companies and system integrators in the market to bring the driverless vehicle to widespread adoption.

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Meet the Team: Jean Michel Maillard, Optical Engineer

Jean Michel Maillard is a key player on the Lasertel team for VCSEL (Vertical Cavity Surface Emitting Laser) technology and product development. As an optical engineer, his approach to design involves building a trusting partnership with customers to help them reach their technical and cost goals—and it's working well.

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